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The Wheels of Life 1024 x 768 Wallpaper

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The Wheels of Life

Men spend more time on their wheels than their women; right car right price girl torque.

MEN spend more time buffing their bonnets than pampering their partners. This is according to according to research from fish4cars that reveals one in three men spend almost pounds 20,000 on extras for their cars such as spoilers, alloys and snazzy wing mirrors across their lifetime. But men aren't as generous when it comes to splashing the cash on their loved ones, buying gifts just once every two months. You see, that's where you guys are going horribly wrong. Car obsessed blokes also admit to lavishing more time on their cars than they do their other halves. Nearly half (44%) of those surveyed admit to giving their vehicle some TLC over the past fortnight, with one in five spending more than two hours scrubbing, rinsing and polishing their pride and joy. Annoyingly, one in ten British men confess that they have never shown the same attention to their partners and almost 40% claim not to have bought their partner a present for over a month. Oh, this is sad, very sad indeed you poor blokes. You need to sort our your priorities pronto The fish4cars research, which polled more than 1,000 men, also reveals the UK's deepest car fantasies with 28% of the men surveyed dreaming of owning an Aston Martin and 21% fantasising about lazy afternoons spent zooming around quiet country lanes with the window down, blaring their music loudly. Thanks guys, decimating our tranquil villages with your decibels. However, not all the men are guilty as speed and sassiness are actually not top of the list when sensible Brits choose their cars. Fuel economy (35%) and safety (30%) are the most important factors, with only 5% of men looking for sport extras such as twin exhausts and sunroofs. That's because us females hold the purse strings and are the main decision maker in purchasing the car, aren't we? So dream on guys, which in fact they do as car fantasies continue with 29% of men dreaming about having an amorous encounter behind the wheel of a car - then stop pampering the wrong thing, you doughnuts. Furthermore, 21% daydream of racing other cars along winding roads. What? Oh please, get a life! I do feel for their mentality at times. How sad are they who enjoy spending more time cleaning and tinkering with their cars than wineing and dining us loveable creatures. You are far more likely to get an amorous encounter for real if you do.

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